Benjamin Steinberg

Editorial Work

International Journal of Algebra and Computation (Managing Editor)

The International Journal of Algebra and Computation publishes high quality original research papers in combinatorial, algorithmic and computational aspects of algebra (including combinatorial and geometric group theory and semigroup theory, algorithmic aspects of universal algebra, computational and algorithmic commutative algebra, probabilistic models related to algebraic structures, random algebraic structures), and gives a preference to papers in the areas of mathematics represented by the editorial board.

SpringerBriefs in Mathematics

SpringerBriefs present concise summaries of cutting-edge research and practical applications across a wide spectrum of fields. Featuring compact volumes of 50 to 125 pages, the series covers a range of content from professional to academic. Briefs are characterized by fast, global electronic dissemination, standard publishing contracts, standardized manuscript preparation and formatting guidelines, and expedited production schedules.

Typical topics might include:
  • A timely report of state-of-the art techniques
  • A bridge between new research results, as published in journal articles, and a contextual literature review
  • A snapshot of a hot or emerging topic
  • An in-depth case study
  • A presentation of core concepts that students must understand in order to make independent contributions
SpringerBriefs in Mathematics showcase expositions in all areas of mathematics and applied mathematics. Manuscripts presenting new results or a single new result in a classical field, new field, or an emerging topic, applications, or bridges between new results and already published works, are encouraged. The series is intended for mathematicians and applied mathematicians.

Semigroup Forum

Semigroup Forum
This journal serves as a platform for the speedy and efficient transmission of information on current research in semigroup theory. Coverage in the journal includes: algebraic semigroups, topological semigroups, partially ordered semigroups, semigroups of measures and harmonic analysis on semigroups, transformation semigroups, semigroups of operators, and applications of semigroup theory to other disciplines such as ring theory, category theory, automata, and logic. Semigroup Forum features survey and research articles. It also contains research announcements, which describe new results, mostly without proofs, of full length papers appearing elsewhere as well as short notes, which detail such information as new proofs, significant generalizations of known facts, comments on unsolved problems, and historical remarks. In addition, the journal contains research problems; announcements of conferences, seminars, and symposia on semigroup theory; abstracts and bibliographical items; as well as listings of books, papers, and lecture notes of interest.

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications

Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications
The print Journal Discussiones Mathematicae - General Algebra and Applications publishes high-quality refereed original papers and may also include research problems. Occasionally, very authoritative expository and survey articles of exceptional value can be published. This journal is devoted to Classical and General Algebra with its applications to Computer Science and Combinatorics.

A Special Issue in Memory of Bret Tilson, edited by J. Rhodes, S. W. Margolis and B. Steinberg, International Journal of Algebra and Computation 20 (2010), no. 2, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore pp.i-xx and 115-341.


Proceedings of the International Conference on Semigroups and Groups in Honor of the 65th Birthday of John Rbodes, edited by S. W. Margolis and B. Steinberg, International Journal of Algebra and Computation 14 (2004), no. 5-6, World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore pp.i-xii and 525-827.